About us

As porteños of heart, we invite you to our atypical tour by the real and magical Valparaiso.
We offer the best experience for our tourists..


About us

Ronald Oliva

Founder of Mini Trolley, father of Iñaki and Félix. Lover of Valparaiso, city that saw him born and grow. Expert driver, with more than 20 years touring the streets of the challenging hills of the port. In 2009, he got his degree as Technician in Business Administration, with mention in Marketing; And today is the Creative and Operations Director of Mini Trolley. Lover of persistence, he delivers the innovative and entertaining spark to this startup.

Victoria Méndez

Chilean, Porteña, mother of Iñaki and Félix. After graduating from Technician in Business Administration, with mention in Marketing in 2011, she got her degree as a Commercial Engineer at the University of Valparaíso in 2016. Her perseverance and empathy led her to be part of this startup, called Mini Trolley. Today she is in charge of the Administrative and Resource Management area. She sets and organize goals based on continuous improvement.

Oriana Pérez

Bilingual Tourist Guide English - Spanish. Born and raised in Valparaiso. Technician in foreign trade by profession, however, in 2010, she changed her walks between containers and cranes for walks between hills and alleys of his city. Since then it has been dedicated to tourism and culture, being Mini Trolleys its most beloved tourist project, due to the closeness with the porteño reality.

Julio Medina

Philosopher and historian, father of Camila, Julio and Esperanza. He loves Valparaiso since he began his studies at University in this city (he’s from Viña del Mar). He has studied Valparaíso and it’s history, inhabitants and cultural attributes for more than 30 years. He loves to share and talk about it’s intangible heritage since he considers Valparaíso an unique city. This passion for Valparaíso was perfect for Mini Trolley. He is the guide of Patrimony of Valparaíso, making him in charge of training the new tourist guides. Also, he gives tours and all the knowledge he gained to spanish speaking tourist

Carol Jorquera

Citizen of the world, born in Valparaiso. She studied English at the Catholic University and joined Mini Trolley in 2011. Since then her main objective has been to go through the central zone, going from coast to the valley and to the mountain, to show the best of this place that she know as the palm of her hand

Vladimir Bordones

Polyglot Tourist Guide (English – French – Spanish). Porteño, former law student in the University of Valparaiso, decided that he loved more to share his love for Valparaiso. Friend of Ronald, decided to join the Mini Trolley family in 2012. Now living in Strasbourg, France and studying Applied Foreign Languagues, hoping to add German to the Mini Trolley experience